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Landtec Rock Quarry | Quadra Island

We provide island communities with high quality, industry-standard, aggregate and gravel products. Our products are produced locally, in our rock quarry on Quadra Island.

Our Products

Landtec gravel and aggregates are created from crushed blue basalt stone, giving our products their signature blue finish. Our aggregates are highly sought after because they’re as functional as they are beautiful. We have products available to suit most common project needs, and we provide custom crushing for customers with unique requirements. We have been supplying aggregates and gravel to the Discovery Islands for many years and we supply the BC Ministry of Transportation with road building materials in our local area.

Deciding on the right product for your job is crucial for a successful long-term result. Below, you will find our product guide to help you understand the features of our gravel and aggregate products, and help inform the decisions for your project. We suggest a couple common applications for each type, and give size references to help you determine which products will be best suited for you.

We’re happy to answer your questions and / or work with your contractor to find the right product. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions or need advice.

Landtec road crush with tape measure for size reference

Highway Grade Road Crush

Landtec Highway Road Crush is Ministry of Transport Certified and perfect for road surfaces as well as driveways. It compacts and locks into place like a jigsaw over time.


landtec-clear-drain-rock with measuring tape for reference

Builders Clear Crush

The builder’s choice, clear crush is excellent for construction back-fill & foundations and provides excellent drainage. 

landtec-5inch-minus with measuring tape for reference

5" Minus | Coarse Subgrade Crush

Coarse and weight-bearing, 5″ Minus is perfect for sub-grade or for mildly wet areas.


Landtec-3inch-minus with measuring tape for reference

3" Minus | Special Grade Sub-Base (SGSB)

Ideal for creating a base layer of coarse grade, below final road crush layer.


landtec-unsorted-blast-rock with measuring tape for reference

Blast Rock, Unsorted

Blasted mixed size product is excellent for filling muddy areas, an economical choice for large fills, and for creating a heavy weight-bearing base. 


landtec-rip-rap-sorted with measuring tape for reference

Marine-Safe Rip Rap, Sorted

Suitable for marine environments, our Rip Rap locks together well and is commonly used for erosion control, retaining walls, breakwaters and aquatic environments.


landtec-landscape custom selections

Landscape Stone, Machine Sorted

Great for terracing, focal stones for visual interest, and anywhere that looks matter. Personalized selection, choose your favourites and we will sort them for you.


view of landtec quarry and machines

Custom Bulk Crushing

If you need gravel or aggregates created for a special situation or project, we can help with custom bulk crushing. Get in touch for details.


Quarry Blasting Video

Ever wondered what goes into creating our products. This time-lapse video is from the inital develpoment of the quarry and showcases all aspects of production.

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