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Rock Removal


From rough logging roads to extremely careful, precision blasts for remote luxury properties we can take care of your blasting needs. Our rock removal solutions are customized to your project’s needs, specifications and budget.

Our Services

Urban Blasting Certified

Concerned about existing structures and land features? We can help with precise blasting.

Rock Breaking

An alternative to explosives, a rock breaking hammer (270) can break up rock, cemented layers and concrete using an internal anvil and chisel. 

Precision Pre-Shear

A clean edge is possible. We can crack rock along a controlled line, resulting in a beautiful clean edge.

About Rock Removal & Blasting

Precision Blasting

Onsite rock removal is our specialty. Each site has its own unique considerations because every piece of land is unique. We can even perform very technical and precise removal if that’s what you need at your site. We have blasting mats available if they are needed. 

One of our past clients, requested that we protect the moss on the trees within the blast zone. We are happy to say that we were able to fill the request.

Our strategies for your site will depend on your goals, and the outcome you want. We are happy to let you know what’s possible.


Large Blasts

For these blasts, we use strategies to ensure that overall vibration loads are kept within insurable safety guidelines and protect nearby infrastructure. When appropriate, we coordinate with engineers to ensure appropriate due-diligence is followed.

With over 30 years of experience working with explosives we can confidently provide a safe, professional service to remove your rock and clear a path.


Fully Insured

Safety is always our #1 priority. We are fully insured and can provide a WorkSafeBC clearance letter upon request.


Precision Pre-shear

A clean edge is possible. We use low-power charges to crack rock along a controlled line, resulting in a beautiful clean edge. This technique is often used for  driveways and through cuts.


On Site Aggregate Production

We can provide aggregate production on-site when blasting, and crushing can be arranged. An economical option for logging roads and subdivisions that need large aggregate volumes.

Precision Blasting Video

This is a zero fly rock blast.

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