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Landtec Rock Quarry | Quadra Island

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What is the benefit of blasted/crushed material?

Blasted/crushed stone has angular edges that naturally lock and bind together when compacted or stacked together. Aggregates that are mixed with pit run or  native round stone as filler have a tendency over time to wash away or lose shape.

Is crushed round stone the same as blasted/crushed products?

No, angular edges created by blasting and crushing create the “locking” feature unique to Landtec products. Crushed round stone retains much of the rounded features because only larger stones are crushed in the process. Therefore, instead of 100% breakage as in Landtec products, crushed round stone sits between only 50% – 70% breakage. With more rounded edges the stones act similarly to marbles and have a tendency to disperse from the desired surface over time.

What is the perfect material for driveways?

Our Landtec (Highways Grade) Road Crush locks together beautifully and sets up over time like concrete. The larger pieces lock together and the fines fill in the gaps. Landtec Road Crush is truly the only option for many driveways on the island that must contend with steep inclines without investing in concrete or paving.

Why are your aggregates blue in colour?

The rock from our quarry is blue basalt. It has become a signature all over the island as homeowners upgrade to Landtec (Highway Grade) Road Crush for improved traction and durability.

Where is the quarry located?

We are located of the first left on North Gowlland Harbour Rd, approximately half a kilometre from Hyacinthe Bay Rd intersection. Once on this road follow the signs to the Landtec Quarry, taking a right at the Y intersection. Watch for oncoming traffic coming out of the quarry. Please note that we do not have a storefront and do not offer onsite sales of gravel or aggregate products.

What is “turnaround time” and how does it affect me?

“Turnaround time” refers to the time it takes to deliver a load of product from the quarry to your site, and return back to the quarry again. Most places on Quadra Island can estimate a 1 hour turn around time per load. Naturally, those very close to our quarry in Gowlland Harbour will be a little less, and sites further out should allow for a little more turnaround time.

How much is trucking per hour?

Rates for trucks are set by each contractor individually. Rates per hour are usually around $130/hr + fuel surcharge.

How much can the average dump truck hold?

A standard tandem axle 10-ton dump truck can hold 7 cubic meters (10 cubic yards).

Do you carry sand or pit run?

No, our quarry does not have a supply of sand or pit run at this time.

What makes your rip rap “marine safe”?

Our products have undergone third party laboratory testing to ensure that they are free from the presence of heavy metals and other harmful contaminants. As per the requirement of Environment Canada for placement in marine

How can I estimate how much product I might need for my driveway?

As a general guide, each driveway can range from needing only a skim of crush to adding other materials as stabilizers or extra drainage for water management. There is no simple answer to this question, but we’d be happy to discuss and quickly give you a ballpark estimate to help with your planning.

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